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Frame Tent Rental

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We offer a hassle-free rental experience, with our simple and easy Frame Tent Rental process. Simply click the drop down menu below for a list of available Frame Tents.

You may choose by size or by number of guests you wish to accommodate. We also carry Clear Top Tent Covers for select Tent sizes.

If you are unsure of the appropriate size for your event, please give us a call and we would be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate tent for your event.

We offer Free Site Inspections across the GTA to help you determine the ideal tent size for your given space and expected number of guests.

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A Frame Tent is a self-supporting structure with no centre pole(s), providing full use of the space underneath. We can install frame tents over decks, patios, grass areas, asphalt, concrete and more.

Backyard Tent Rentals:

Avoid the heavy foot traffic in your home by hosting a memorable event right in the comfort of your backyard, under one of our frame tents. We have tents in various shapes and sizes to fit in all backyards across the Greater Toronto Area including your not-so-perfectly-shaped backyard. We can install tents and canopies over decks, patios, grass areas, gardens and much more. Turn your backyard into the perfect venue to celebrate birthday parties, weddings, graduations, baby showers and many other life milestones. Click here to learn more about our backyard event rental services. We offer Free Site Inspections to help you determine the ideal tent for your backyard.

 Pristine White Wedding Tent Rentals:

Host your special day under one of our frame tents with traditional white top cover or opt for a clear transparent top cover.  We offer pristine white frame tents  in various sizes for special wedding occasions across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Click here to learn more about our indoor and wedding rental services. Schedule a Free Wedding Consultation today and let us bring your vision to reality.

Outdoor Festival Tent Rentals:

Rain or shine count on our quality frame tents to protect, your attendees, vendors, volunteers and organizers from the natural elements. Rent 1 or 80 frame tents for your next festival and leave the rest to us. Our team of professional festival coordinators and tent installers work diligently to meet your goals and strict timings. From small 10×10 or 20×20 Vendor Tents to large 30×30 or 40×60 Exhibition or Beer Tents. Click here to learn more about our festival rental services. We also rent heavy duty Pop-up Canopy Tents for outdoor festivals, available in various colors. Sit with one of our experienced festival coordinators today and let us help you make your next festival a big hit.


Free Delivery Tent Rental Packages:

We offer a variety of predetermined tent rental packages which include; a Tent, Chairs, Tables, and Free Delivery, Setup, and Pickup across the GTA. Click here to view our all rental packages.


Host your next outdoor event under the perfect ambience, with our Canopy Lighting Rentals available in various sizes.

Canopy of String Lights Rental Toronto


Additional information

Installation Notes

Additional charges will apply for installation on surfaces where we cannot or are not permitted to staked into. Tent leg weights will be required to safely secure the structure to the ground.

Above rates do not include delivery & installation charges. Rates start as low as $50.00 within the GTA. Contact us for a complete quotation.

Tent Size

10×10 Frame Tent (10-15 Guests), 10×20 Frame Tent (15-30 Guests), 20×20 Frame Tent (20-40 Guests), 20×20 Frame Tent With Clear Top (20-40 Guests), 20×30 Frame Tent (40-70 Guests), 20×30 Frame Tent With Clear Top (40-70 Guests), 20×40 Frame Tent (70-100 Guests), 20×40 Frame Tent With Clear Top (70-100 Guests), 20×50 Frame Tent (100-120 Guests), 20×50 Frame Tent With Clear Top (100-120 Guests), 20×60 Frame Tent (120-140 Guests), 20×60 Frame Tent With Clear Top (120-140 Guests), 20×80 Frame Tent (140-180 Guests), 20×80 Frame Tent With Clear Top (140-180 Guests), 20×100 Frame Tent (160-180 Guests), 30×30 Frame Tent (70-90 Guests), 30×30 Frame Tent With Linings & Curtains (70-90 Guests), 30×45 Frame Tent (100-120 Guests), 30×60 Frame Tent (160-180 Guests), 30×75 Frame Tent (190-210 Guests), 30×90 Frame Tent (210-300 Guests), 30×105 Frame Tent (300-370 Guests), 40×40 Frame Tent (120-160 Guests), 40×60 Frame Tent (160-240 Guests), 40×95 Frame Tent (250-300 Guests), 40×100 Frame Tent (250-320 Guests), 40×115 Frame Tent (250-340 Guests), 40×120 Frame Tent (250-360 Guests)


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