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I rented some items but I didn’t end up using them, what options do I have?2015-03-08T01:34:33-05:00

While you are in possession of a rental item, it is unavailable to other customers. Therefore the rental charge still applies whether items were used or not.

What is the difference between a Canopy and a Tent?2015-03-08T01:34:05-05:00

A canopy is a lighter-duty structure ideal for short term event rentals. A tent on the other hand is much stronger and ideal for long term event rentals.

Why am I been charged a delivery fee?2015-03-08T01:32:43-05:00

Delivering an order incurs many expenses that are not covered by the rental rate. Our delivery charges are very reasonable, and are calculated based on your location and delivery and pickup arrangements.

How are the tents/canopies secured to the ground?2019-02-03T15:24:25-05:00

All tents are staked into the ground, however water barrels are available for an additional charge. The client provides a water source to fill the barrels. Canopies on the other hand, are secured to the ground using sand bags provided by us.

I am interested in your party rental offerings and I was wondering if you have any references I can contact?2019-02-03T15:24:25-05:00

After each event we ask our customers to share their renting experience with us, and tell us how we can improve our services. We encourage all potential customers to visit our Testimonial page where we are constantly posting newly submitted reviews from our past and existing customers. If you wish to contact a particular client inquire about our services, get in touch with us and we can make the necessary arrangements.

I have attached the pictures of my backyard. Can you review them and let me know if the space will suffice for the tent setup?2015-03-08T01:29:18-05:00

We are unable to determine the appropriate tent for your event, simply by looking at pictures of your backyard. In order to properly determine the appropriate tent for your backyard, we will need a measurement of the flattest area of your backyard. This measurement can be taken by you or we can come in and perform a free no obligation site inspection. To book a site inspection, simply give us a call 416-317-6650.

Could you please confirm whether credit card would be an acceptable method of payment? or will it have to be a cheque?2015-03-08T01:29:15-05:00

We accept payments by Cash, Cheque, and Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, & AMEX).

It is going on the deck so if we place it flush to the wall, then people can go directly from the patio doors into the tent without getting wet. Not sure if this is possible, but thought I would ask just in case it was.2015-03-08T01:29:12-05:00

Many homeowners hosting parties and events on the patio or deck in their backyards wish to see the canopy or tent flushed right against the wall. In most cases this is something we can absolutely fulfill. However, in some cases there are a few factors concerning the layout of the wall, height of the door way, light fixtures on the wall, height of the deck/patio and so on that hinder our ability to install the structure flush against the wall. We cannot guarantee that all spaces will accommodate such installation, but we can promise that we will do our very best to make it work.

We need someone who can replace our conference table with the tables we will be renting – do you provide such service?2019-02-03T15:24:25-05:00

We currently do not offer the service of removing and storing existing event space furnishings. When we arrive at your home or workplace to deliver your rented items, we are happy to help customers move a few things out of the way in order to properly install the canopy, tent or inflatable item. However we ask that the area is cleared in advance and ready for installation. This ensures that we finish on time and arrive at the next delivery site on time.

Today is the date of delivery. Is there any way to get a smaller window of time than 9am-12pm? Wondering if you may have a better idea of time of delivery today.2022-09-29T17:06:42-04:00

In most cases deliveries are made within a predetermined eight-hour window. For example an 8am-8pm delivery window means that the crew will arrive as early as 9am and latest by 8pm. If on the delivery day, you would like to get a better idea of when the truck will arrive at your door, you are welcome to give our office a call at 416-317-6650 and we will give you a smaller window.

For an upcoming event on August 5th, I am looking to rent 6 silver easels that will hold signage that is 22X28. Is this something that your company offers?2019-02-03T15:24:25-05:00

We offer presentation easels rentals for all your presentation and signage needs. Please view our Rental Inventory page for a complete list of presentation items we have available.

I was wanting a quote on a tent rental, but I am not sure what size tent I need for my event. But I need a tent big enough for 60 people and would prefer one for rain or sun protection.2019-02-03T15:24:25-05:00

When selecting the right tent size for your event, we take a few factors into consideration. The measurement and landscape of the surface, number of guests you wish to accommodate, sitting arrangement, and type of event. These along with other factors, form the basis to determining the ideal tent for your event. For example a 20×20 Tent is big enough for 60 people, if they are just mingling in and out of the tent, but add chairs and tables in there and things start to get really up-close and personal. Use our Tent Sizing Chart to help you select the right tent for your event or give us a call and we will be happy to help you with the process.

Our event begins at 8am sharp, so we need to organize ourselves by 7:40am and this means that we need the tent set up before that. I notice on the quote that it says 7-8am set up, but I’m hoping you can do it earlier (maybe 6-7am) so we have a built in buffer. Can you please confirm that this will work?2015-03-08T01:23:28-05:00

Delivery arrangements vary by the event therefore we remain flexible to accommodate all delivery and pickup arrangements. We work around the clock to ensure that your event is a success.

Hi, how much would it cost to buy a 20×40 foot tent?2019-02-03T15:24:25-05:00

We do not actively sell any tent, party and event rental items. However occasionally, we offer for sale, some rental items we deem are no longer rentable. Feel free to contact us for a list of items we might have for sale.

Do you guys by any chance rent generators? If so, how much would it be to rent one for the 29th?2022-09-29T17:03:31-04:00

Yes, we do.

I am looking to rent your BBQ rental package. What are the steps to rent this package? Are we able to view the items before renting them?2019-02-03T15:24:25-05:00

Placing an order with us is very simple. You can either complete an order form located on our website or simply give us a call to place your order 416-317-6650. Photos of items posted on our website are in most cases, those of the exact item, however, if you wish to view the item in person, we invite you to visit our showroom.

And also do you offer charitable rates for the tent, space heater etc ?2015-03-08T01:18:43-05:00

We are avid supporters of nonprofit organizations making positive impacts in local communities across the Greater Toronto Area. We are happy to supply tent, party and event rental items for your charity event at a discounted rate.

I would also like the chairs set up and taken down. Please let me know if there is an additional charge for this.2019-02-03T15:24:26-05:00

The delivery fee quoted on your invoice covers the delivery and installation of any party and event rental structure such as a canopy, tent, inflatable display tent, booth, and/or wall, included in your order. Setup and takedown of chairs and tables are the responsibilities of the customer, however setup is available at a reasonable rate. Please notify us at the time of booking if you require us to setup the chairs and tables upon delivery.

I’m interested in renting your 100 sq ft canopy for the next June 14, 15 and 16 in Mississauga, is for the Mississauga Waterfront Festival, I’m sorry for the late request but the person in charge of the rental didn’t do it before, could you please tell me if you have the equipment available for these days and the amount.2015-03-08T01:13:48-05:00

We have an extensive inventory of tent, party, and event rental items available to meet your last minute requests. If you have any last minute rental requests, we encourage you to get in touch with us over the phone to ensure speedy service 416-317-6650.

My son’s b-day at Thompson Memorial Park. Do we need a permit from Parks and rec to have a tent?2015-03-08T01:18:37-05:00

If you wish to erect a tent on public park grounds, you will require a permit from the municipal office depending on the size of the tent you wish to erect. Permit requirements vary in each city across the Greater Toronto Area. For example City of Toronto Parks require a permit for tents which exceed 646 square feet and Mississauga City requires a permit for tents with a total of 60 square meters or more. We assist our customers in acquiring the necessary permits for events taking place on public grounds. Please note that application processing period can take up to two weeks, therefore the earlier the better in order to ensure the success of your event.

Can we get additional rental items for the same delivery and setup fee?2015-03-08T01:10:37-05:00

We remain flexible to accommodate all your party and event rental needs. Should the number of rental items you require suddenly increase at the last minute; we will do our best to accommodate you. In most cases additions to an already confirmed order does not change the delivery fee, however in some cases where the addition calls for more manpower, an additional fee may apply.

1) Set up is on Church Street for Pride Parade – problematic? 2)take down and pick up will be on a Sunday night – again problematic?2015-03-08T01:10:26-05:00

We have extensive experience delivering to Festivals and Parades across the Greater Toronto Area. We are familiar with vendor access passes, booth space allocations, and other factors outlined in your agreement. We also understand that you have other things on your mind during this time and we take care not to add to the stress. All you have to do is tell us what time to show up, where to setup your rental items, and when to come back to collect them. All events are unique therefore we work around the clock to accommodate all rental delivery and pickup arrangements.

We are hoping to have the reception on the balcony patio, which is 16 feet by 36 feet. We are unsure if there is the ability to tent such a space but wanted to inquire.2015-03-08T01:10:25-05:00

We have Canopies and Tents in various sizes to accommodate your tent party and event rental needs. We offer free no obligation site inspections within the GTA, to help you determine the right tent for your event space. Give us a call today to schedule a free site inspection.

Would it be possible to order just the larger canopy now, with the option to rent the smaller (10×10) a few days before the wedding itself in case of rain?2019-02-03T15:24:26-05:00

We welcome changes to your order up to 72 hours prior to the delivery date however changes are subject to availability. Please see our Terms and Conditions page governing order cancellation.

How can we secure this? And what is your cancellation policy?2019-02-03T15:24:26-05:00

An order is fully secured only when you have provided the necessary details of your event, contact and billing information. Once we have all the information required, an invoice is then sent to you by email requiring your signature. Upon signing and faxing or emailing the signed copy back to us, your order is fully secured and ready for delivering on the date of your party/event. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions  page for our cancellation policy.

Why do you need my credit card information if I am not paying by credit card?2015-03-08T01:03:51-05:00

When placing an order, we require a credit card on file in order to fully reserve the order. This guarantees your commitment and allows us to reserve the particular rental items you require for the date of your event. We do not process any payments onto the card, unless the credit card payment option is chosen. We accept payments by Cash, Cheque, and Credit Card.

Is it possible to deliver my order the day before my event? If so is there an additional rental cost for the early delivery?2015-03-08T01:03:18-05:00

Our warehouse and delivery team are dedicated to ensuring that your party and event rental items are delivered and collected on time and in proper working order. All deliveries except exact time deliveries are made within a predetermined three-hour window and we are proud to say that we always show up on time. However, if the event space is available the day before, we will absolutely deliver an order the day before the event, at no additional charge.

I am interested in booking the backyard canopy package and may not need all the tables included, so I wanted to know what kind of options I had within the package?2015-03-08T01:00:49-05:00

Our canopy and tent party rental packages were designed based on rental patterns we have observed from our customers over the years. They are designed to ease the selection process for new and repeat customers. However we do understand that not all parties and events are the same, therefore if you wish to add or subtract from any rental package, we will be glad to provide you with a free no obligation rental quotation for the desired items.

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