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Gifts to Say ‘Thank You’ to Your Event Planner

What do you get the event prof guru who always seems to have everything under control? If you need some inspiration for gift ideas, we have highlighted some items they would really cherish. Bullet Journal If they haven’t started on this productivity craze already then a bullet journal could be the perfect place to start. If they [...]

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Tips for Event Planners

Whether you just got thrown into planning or have been planning events your entire life, there will always be unexpected moments. Below are some quick event planning tips to remember as you plan your next event. Start Early In most cases, you have the least amount of control over when you can start planning your [...]

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New Years Resolutions for Brides-to-Be

Are you a bride or groom-to-be planning for a wedding? Whether you're just starting on your planning journey or are in the middle of planning and are looking for a fresh start in 2019, we've got some helpful New Year's resolutions to help keep you on track! No Wedding Debt I know those vintage vases for the [...]

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New Years Resolutions for Event Planners

2019 is right around the corner, and that means that people are scrambling for meaningful New Years Resolutions they can devote themselves to. If you're an event planner, there are a variety of goals to work towards in the New Year. Let's get started! Focus on the ‘Why’  Focusing on the 'Why' has become a [...]

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Cocktails to Fall For

Fall is here, whether you like it or not. None of us really want to say goodbye to summer, but we do not really have a choice in the matter. To ease those summer blues and have something to get excited about in fall, we put together this collection of boozy fall drinks and cocktails. Once you are sipping [...]

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3 Fall Crafts to Try

Whether you’re hosting a party or just having a few friends over for some cocktails, it’s always fun to have some great fall-inspired decorations around the house! Check out some of our favorite ones you’ll want to try yourself! Apple Tea Lights It’s apple picking season, and these easy apple tea lights will be a [...]

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The Secret to Hosting a Festive Fall BBQ

The weather may be getting colder but that doesn't mean the glory days of backyard barbecues are over! Here are some tips for getting your BBQ on this fall. Chili Bar Set up a versatile chili bar to keep entertaining easy. Serve a pot of chili and various toppings so people can load up their [...]

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How to Choose the Best Event Swag

Event swag is a great thing. Six months after your event, your attendee might reach into their bag and pull out a pen with your company logo on it and remember the experience they had at your event. Or, they could go to coffee with a friend who asks them about the logo on their [...]

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Spice up That Prosecco Bar with These Unique Treats

There's something so prestige and exciting about the sound of a bottle of Prosecco, Champagne or Sparkling wine being cracked for the first time. The build up, the release, then the excitement and celebration that follow! Popsicle in Prosecco Fill a wine glass  with Prosecco of choice and place a popsicle into the glass. As [...]

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Tips for Hosting Your Own Oktoberfest Bash

So you want to host your own Oktoberfest party? Prost! You’ve come to the right place. How do you know what’s needed to make your party a success? That’s where we come in. Beer Beer is obviously very important for any Oktoberfest party. Starting in August, you’ll be able to find a number of Oktoberfest-style [...]

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