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Event Planning Blogs to Follow

//Event Planning Blogs to Follow

Event Planning Blogs to Follow

Though we do our fair share of blogging, we still look to other helpful resources to stay on the ball! Event blogs are chock full of goodies to help organizers and attendees get the most out of their conference planning and event going experience. Check these blogs out to stay inspired!

1. Bizbash

Bizbash is one of our favorite outlets for inspiration! Get creative ideas for your next conference and see what is trendy in the event world.

2. Techsytalk 

One of our fave event profs is the creator of this awesome blog. Liz King kills it with content that includes great event planning and technology tips and news.

3. Smart Meetings

Find a Speaker or an event, search a venue, or read tons of industry news. This is a one stop shop for conference planners.

4. Event Industry News

All the conference news you could possibly want can be found on this blog.

5. PlannerWire

Event everything! Eventprof Keith Johnson brings you event planning, event marketing, and event technology. He is an expert in the conference arena and shares great advice and news. Mark this as a must read ASAP!

6. Endless Entertainment

For some of the best industry tips and tricks, check out the Endless Entertainment blog. Articles are written to help event planners be better at their jobs, provide them with inspiring event production ideas, and highlight best practices from all over the event planning industry.

7. MeetingsNet

No matter what industry you are in, MeetingsNet has resources for any professional organizing an event or meeting.

8. Plan Your Meetings

This blog has all sorts of helpful resources to aid you in the event planning process such as booking hotels, and getting planning assistance from experts. If you’re a first-time planner, or need some assistance along the way, turn to Plan Your Meetings for ideas and helpful hints!

Did we miss some top notch blogs? Leave a recommendation in a comment below.

Happy planning!

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