The best house-warming parties encourage old friends to visit your new digs and help foster new friendships with your neighbours! Here are some tips to make it a success!

1. A Personal Touch

Printed invitations are a budget-friendly time saver, but don’t be afraid to add a quick note to entice new neighbours to attend. A simple hand-written, “Hope to see you there!” will show your guests that you are truly excited to host them.

2. Friends of Friends Are Welcome!

Etiquette may frown on people bringing uninvited guests, but meeting friends of friends is a great way to expand your social circle and meet people from your new neighbourhood!

 3. Finger Foods!!!!!!

Skip a sit-down dinner and encourage mingling with plenty of finger foods!

4. Theme It Up

Having a themed party makes it easy to plan menus and decorations.

5. Create an Awesome Playlist

Put together an amazing playlist that will start your party off right. If your new house has the space, consider moving furniture out of the way to create a makeshift dance floor!

 6. Have a Guestbook

Ask your guests to sign it a guestbook and add their contact information as well as any great tips for your new neighbourhood or tips to help you succeed as a new home-owner!

7. Don’t Make Gifts a Focal Point

Sitting around opening gifts is a total party-killer. Put all of your attention on your guests and save any gifts for later! Then you can send out thank-you notes to your friends after the fact.

8. Thank You Notes

Being a gracious host means sending out ‘Thank You’ cards to all of your guests after the party. Be sure to customize each individual note so they know you appreciated their attendance (and gift) and let them know that you hope to see them soon!

Happy planning!