Managing an event is stressful enough to begin with when things run smoothly, let alone when they don’t. Audio-visual setup, for example, is one of the most important factors on the day of an event, yet is often neglected. Here are some common mistakes and tips to ensure your event goes off without a hitch, AV and all!

#1 Assuming everyone is ready

Avoid it: Communicate! Two weeks before the event, have a meeting with everyone involved and discuss what is required the day before, of, and after the event. One week before, reach out to each individual and ensure they are fully prepared. Creating a document that states each person’s role might also be helpful.

#2 Assuming in-house AV is enough

Avoid It: Before you sign your life away, compare costs, features and services with an out-of-house provider. And compare more than one company! Out-of-house providers may be more affordable. They also might be capable of providing custom services specific for your event. For a free quote, contact us here.

#3 Set-up and tear-down time

Avoid it: Practice! Take a day to set up the event to fully understand how long it will take. If you do not have the convenience of setting the event up ahead of time, connect with the vendors who have set up your specific requirements in the past.

#4 Not considering projection displays and audio inputs

Avoid it: Understand your audience and the set-up of your event. If your event is smaller-scale, one screen may be sufficient. If your event includes over 500 people, several screens may be necessary. Additionally, count every audio input that your event will require two weeks before your event.

#5 Trying to cut costs with AV

Avoid it: AV is typically one of the most expensive components of an event. Instead of cutting costs with AV, which may result in a poor event execution, cut costs elsewhere. Consider the costs of decor, props, and furniture.

At the end of the day, avoiding audio-visual mistakes comes down to being well-organized and communicating effectively with all involved. Interested in audio-visual equipment for your event? Be sure to check out our rental inventory and contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like a free quote. Happy planning!