Social media is here and now and if you aren’t partaking in it, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for free promotion. One of the newest trends popping up in the events industry is, you guessed it, social media. There are a variety of fun and creative ways to use social media at your event, whether your hosting a tradeshow, conference, music festival, or even a wedding. Here are some easy, yet innovative ways to effectively utilize social media at your next event.



Having users take selfies with a mascot or in front of a branded mural (think red carpet), is a great way to get guests to interact with your brand and provide you with some free publicity. Make it even easier for guests by creating selfie-worthy moments and décor.



Having an event-specific hashtag is another great way to bring some awareness to your event, as well as ensure all of the photos end up in the same place for you to view later. Have the hashtag visibly promoted in several areas around the venue so guests are sure to see it.

Dedicated Staffers


Have staff members circulating the room to encourage people to take photos and promote the event hashtag. If they see a group photo being attempted, they can offer to take the photo for them and then inform the guests of some other picture-worthy moments at the event.



Turning photo-taking into a competition is a great way to get people involved and encourage picture-taking and promoting. Encourage guests to take photos and use the event hashtag for their chance to win a prize at the end of the event!

Use them for Décor


Having a projection of pictures being posted to Instagram with the event hashtag is another great way to encourage guests to get involved in taking photos at your event. Word-of-mouth is great for business and this is an easy way to get free promotion while acknowledging your guests!

Provide Props


Providing a photo booth atmosphere or a bucket of props for guests to use for their photos is a fun and innovative way to get guests to agree to having their pictures taken. Allow guests the opportunity to take their own selfies, or have one of your dedicated staff members offer to take group pictures if there are more than a few people. Again, encourage use of the event hashtag and tagging your company in the post.

These are just a few creative ways to utilize social media at your next event. Where have you seen a great use of social media? Let us know by commenting below!