When you’re busy scouting for a conference location that meets all your criteria, it’s easy to get caught up in minor details and overlook something critical for your meeting’s success! Before speaking with a venue’s sales manager, make a list of requirements and don’t forget to get an answer to these questions:

1. Is the space available on the dates you need it for? If so, can the venue provide you with AV equipment, or do you need to out-source it?

2. Is the venue accessible from airport, highways, and public transit? If most of your attendees are flying in for the conference, ask the venue to offer shuttle service.

3. Are accommodations available? If this is a multi-day conference, having accommodations available at the venue of your event is much easier than having them off-site.

4. Is the venue large enough for your event?

5. Does the venue offer the right facilities? A theatre, ballroom, meeting rooms, on-site restaurants, etc?

6. Does the venue meet your technical needs? Will they provide AV equipment, computers, WiFi, business centres and mailing services?

7. Does the venue cater? Do they have menu options to accommodate all dietary restrictions?

8. Is the venue in your budget? Does it offer incentives? Are their liability issues, payment terms or unclear fine print?

If your venue is able to answer all of these questions, you’ll be well on your way to hosting the perfect conference at the perfect venue.

Happy planning!