As an event planner, you want and need to constantly stay on top of trends, and keep ideas fresh and creative in order to stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips to help boost your event planning skills to beat your event competition!

Find a Niche and Own It

Who comes to mind when you think of wedding planners? Festival planners? Trade show planners? What have they done to inspire you and put themselves on your radar? Once you have those answers, you can apply them to your own niche.

Think Like a Strategist

Brainstorming with your team on ways to grow and improve your events is key to originality and success. Take the effort to review previous events, similar events, and make note of who did what better. There’s no need to repeat areas that you were uninspired by or that didn’t succeed the first time around.

Make a Headline

Creating brand awareness, whether via social media, blogging, or participating in interviews, is a great way to get your name out there and into headlines. Think like a newsmaker and what kind of events would be interesting for them to report on. Keep in mind, the more engagement you have with your attendees, the more opportunity there is to receive fame and coverage.

Be Trendy

Staying on top of trends, especially in the realm of technological advances, is a must for event planners. This will help ensure you look fresh, innovative, and ahead of the curve. How can you blend digital with physical at your events? What apps can you incorporate and receive sponsorship from? Take any available opportunities to blur the lines of digital and physical at your event to ensure it’s one your guests will remember.

Looking like a rockstar against your competition is the key to a long-lasting career in the events industry. Take the time to test ideas, explore, and give props to other events and planners where they’re due. Then take those ideas and make them bigger and better at your next event.

Happy planning!