Event planning isn’t for everyone. Here are 7 things that have the potential to make becoming an event planner incredibly stressful and difficult.

1. Details are Overwhelming

Event planning is all about the details. As an event planner, it’s your job to be on top of details and in the know of everything going on, from menu items to locations and seating arrangements. If keeping up with that much information seems stressful, it’s probably not a good idea for you to get into event planning.

2. You Don’t Believe in the Power of Social Media

Social media is a huge part of every event planner’s life. If you’re uninterested in using social media platforms for business in addition to your personal life, you’re going to struggle as an event planner.

3. You’re Not a People-Person

If the thought of dealing with countless people makes you feel drained, event planning isn’t for you. Event planners are social people who maintain an expansive network to be successful. Making cold calls and presenting an ‘elevator pitch’ are regular tasks of an event planner.

4. You Don’t Want a Desk Job

There’s an incredible misconception that event planning is a glamorous job. Unfortunately, ‘event planner’ isn’t code for ‘party goer’, so if that’s what you’ve got in mind, you have another thing coming. Sure, no two days will be the same, but you’ll find the majority of your time spent at a computer organizing details, checking email and updating social media.

5. You Can’t Multitask

Multitasking is a necessity as an event planner, as you’ll be responsible for managing an assortment of tasks at a time. If you aren’t a good multi-tasker or find it stressful, event planning might not be for you.

Event planning can be a fun and rewarding career, however if social situations make you anxious, you get easily overwhelmed, and you’re stuck in the bygone marketing days, event planning might not be for you.