Here’s Why Renting Is Always The Better Option

Okay this is a question we get a lot, and you have probably been asking yourself the same thing, so here are few completely unbiased reasons why renting is always better than buying for your wedding. 

When you begin planning your wedding, you are going to need a list of everything you will possibly need to pull it off, so we saved you the trouble and did it for you. Here it is:



Tablecloths (you’ll often see these called linens)



Plates (often dinner and salad/cake)



Glasses (water, wine, beer, rocks as needed)

If you are having an outdoor wedding you will also need these items:

Cocktail tables (and linens)

Table number stands

Bread baskets

Beverage dispensers and tubs

Lounge furniture

Artificial Tees, astroturf, hedges, canopies etc. 

Garbage cans

Lighting (if your venue lighting is fluorescent, please get this)

Dance floor


Umbrellas, fans, portable restrooms, ceremony arch/backdrop… the list could go on and on as your creativity grows. 

Naturally buying all of those items would be cost prohibitive, and not very practical. Besides, even if you do so happen to have a full event worth of nice linen at home, do you really want to drag soiled used tablecloths back to the hotel with you when you’re done? Nope, you don’t. 

Even if you were to look at the cost of buying 150 cloth napkins, it doesn’t add up. If you search on Amazon and check out the cost versus renting, you can easily see that renting is the cheaper option. That doesn’t even take the cost of washing all of those napkins after the wedding, and storing them. 

You Would Have To Manage Each And Every Item

Even if you just used half of the items on that list, you will need to rent at least one truck and hire a small army of people to get it all from your home, to the destination, set it up, manage the entire event and then take it down, cart everything home, and then wash and steam everything yourself. 

These are just two great reasons why renting is really the only option when you are planning your wedding, and that doesn’t even factor in the cost of managing all of the stress of pulling it off. 

When you hire a professional event company like ours, you aren’t just renting our equipment, but also our years of experience at managing an event. We do it all so you don’t have to and you can get on with what is really important, celebrating your special day with your family and friends. 


You only have one opportunity to make the right impression, contact us today for all your Party & Tent Rentals in Toronto and the GTA.