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Summer is almost here! I know that might not mean much to those of us living in areas in which winter is just a fairytale, but for those of us that get the privilege to call themselves “local,” we want summer to stay forever. At least I do. And the only way to make it stay is to throw a great back yard barbeque! We’ve got a list of easy steps you can follow from organizing a BBQ, to being an awesome host. Don’t waste another moment: let’s get into it!

Throwing a successful backyard barbeque that your friends and family will remember for years to come requires a bit of planning. Follow these steps to throw the perfect event.

TIP 1: Prepare Your Guests in Advance

The first thing you should do is prepare your guests in advance. If you invite people over without warning, chances are they’ll have other plans, which means you might have to cancel or reschedule the party. Instead, tell everyone at least two weeks ahead of time so they can clear their schedule. This gives them time to plan ahead, find a babysitter if they need one, and get any supplies they might need such as paper plates, plastic cups and so on.

TIP 2: Find A Great Spot For The Party

The next step is finding a great spot for the party. Consider where you want to host it. Do you want it outside? Do you want it inside? One thing you definitely want to avoid is hosting the party somewhere that’s difficult to get to. In this case, ideal is easy access from both major roadways and public transportation systems. That way your guests can get there with ease.

Most importantly, find a place that’s comfortable and has enough space for everyone. You don’t want everyone cramped.