Light Up Your Wedding With These Tips

You plan out everything as each aspect is important. The dress. The venue. The cake. The honeymoon destination. When it comes to wedding planning, there are so many elements that immediately come to mind but one thing some people think about last is – the lights. It may be the last on your mind but should not be taken ……..lightly.

Through proper lighting, you are able to affect the mood of your guests, and create an ambience that can change and evolve through the event. The illumination of lights and the décor go hand in hand and it creates an aesthetic environment where mere presence — or absence — of light can completely change the look and feel of everything you’ve planned.

Here are four great tips that illustrate how wedding lights are just as important as every other detail you consider.

Fixtures For Your Wedding’s Theme

Whether it is a homemade centerpiece, or a twinkle light canopy Your lighting needs to be as eye-catching as your flowers, decor and of course yourself. You can easily find a crafty way to paint some vintage yard sale treasures and turn them into centerpieces that compliment your tablecloth and the theme of your wedding.

Low Lighting For Greater Intimacy

If you are looking to create a more intimate setting that encourages guests to get to know each other and share a drink, keep your lighting at a lower height that is illuminated by candles, twinkle lights or dimmed overhead bulbs like the vintage string lights. This will create conversation and create a feeling of intimacy for you and your guests.

Let Natural Light In

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, then your lighting is going to be about the presence, or lack of natural lighting. 

Natural sunlight can make your wedding look absolutely magical, and the warmth from the sun will create a bright good mood all day long for you and your guests. 

However, you can also use the sunlight and manipulate it through the creative and practical use of artificial trees and hedges. You can filter the sun any way you want by strategically placing our artificial trees and hedges in a way that will filter the natural sunlight and also open up a rainbow of colours.  

We offer every possible lighting solution from the wedding to the dancefloor, so feel free to speak with one of our team members and we will work with you to perfectly light the wedding of your dreams. 

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