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Make The Most Out Of Your Wedding Tent

If you are having an outdoor wedding, one of the first things your guests will notice is how you have decorated your tent. Here are a few of our favourite ideas for creating a stunning reception:

Give It Some Swag

Use several different colours of fabric runners, then simply twist them together and secure them to different sections of the tent roof supports. Next, you can wrap them directly around support poles or drape them and run them to the sides of the tent for a billowy appearance. You can also incorporate LED light strings to further enhance the look.

Decorative Lounge Pieces

Give your guests options where they can hang out by using lounge chairs, tables bars and barstools to create a lounge within the tent. It will offer your guests another place to share a cocktail and enjoy each other’s company besides sitting at their tables or crowding around the bar.

Pole Draping

Run flowers, vines, led lights and fabric from any of the upper main supports at the top of the tent, and draping it to other upper supports. You can also allow them to hang freely, so long as they are shorter and will not obscure movements.

Artificial Trees

Bring the outdoors inside with some artificial trees and liven up your colour palate. You can even use the same ones outdoors for the ceremony, and simply move them inside while pictures are being taken.

Line The Walls

Drape fabrics from the top of the wall so they flow all the way down to the ground, create arches, or a mixture of both. Another great option is to use strings of LED lights with the fabrics to illuminate the fabric colours.

These are just a few of our favourite ideas, and we can certainly offer you many more when you book with us for your upcoming wedding.

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