If you are having an event such as a conference or trade show style of event, we have everything you can possibly need, and a few cool items you probably didn’t think you need, but will certainly want. 

It goes without saying that trade shows, conferences etc can sometimes be a tad bit bland. We have all been to them and we all know that they can either really pop and make an impression, or be a bit dull and uninspired. 

For your next event, you are probably going to have some public speaking or awards given out so you will need a stage, lighting, pipe and drape systems, carpets stanchions and podiums to pull it off. You will also require things like barriers to direct the flow of visitors, lighting, lounge furniture including barstools and tables for guest services. These are the essential pieces that are standard issue at just about every event, and we carry them all. 

However, if you are looking to make a lasting impression on your visitors, take a tour of our inflatable tents and dome section. There you will find a great selection of items that open up your imagination and allow you to create fun, interesting portable spaces that can be used indoors and outside. 

You can create anything with our inflatable domes, offices, display booths, transparent domes and inflatable walls. They are easily set up by our professional staff, and are portable so if space is an issue they can be moved to find a perfect spot that interacts with the flow of traffic, or create more of an intimate nook where you can entertain guests away from the crowds. 

Additionally, because they are inflatable, and made from composite materials they really take to different lighting solutions. You can create any atmosphere you like within an inflatable display booth or dome with only a few lights, and when paired with our modern lounge furniture choices, you can have a modern and sleek looking setup for far less than what it would cost to buy a custom made booth that you only use once a year. 

We think trade events shouldn’t be dull and boring. They should create an atmosphere of professionalism and excitement, and we are able to offer you everything you will ever need for your next event. You can simply visit us at one of our locations in Toronto, Markham, Mississauga & Brampton and a member or our staff will work with you to make sure you have everything you need. 


You only have one opportunity to make the right impression, contact us today for all your Party & Tent Rentals in Toronto and the GTA.