Top Wedding Trends of 2020

Spring is around the corner and couples everywhere are shaking off the winter blahs and starting to get serious about their summer wedding plans.

Outdoor weddings in the warmer months are an absolute blast. You can have an amazing wedding almost anywhere. The beach, a farm, a family home, in a par. You name it. The locations are as limitless as your imagination. They are also a great cost effective way to host a wedding. You’re not paying for an event space, and in most cases you simply need to get a permit from the local government to have your wedding.

You also have the benefit of making the occasion uniquely your own. The outdoors is your blank canvas, and you can paint, arrange and colour it in your exact image. Outdoor weddings also follow trends just like traditional indoor weddings, and here are the two hottest outdoor wedding ideas for 2020.

Go Green

No, not the colour thankfully. We mean creating an environmentally friendly upcycled theme wedding that commits to zero waste or a reduced carbon footprint. For this you can locally sourced ceremony florals, sourcing locally grown food or hiring vendors who also prioritize sustainability, and even resetting a family heirloom stone as your engagement ring. You can even repurpose fun and interesting decorations like candle holders, lanterns and furniture to decorate your tent and outdoor venue. The possibilities are endless, and if you enjoy DIY projects, the process can be rather fun.

Make It Small, Make It Count

We admit it. We love this idea. Imagine a small exclusive wedding with roughly 40 people or less. Like any exclusive party, a small celebration always delivers big time. Since your guest list is smaller, your budget per person is higher, and you can afford to indulge those ideas that weren’t in the budget for a larger wedding. You can treat your guests to a Viennese Hour, which is traditionally an opulent dessert display following the cake cutting. Instead of tables of sweets, wheels of cheese, crackers, nuts and fruit are piled high. You can also afford interesting cocktails and entertainment. Imagine having different bar stations where guests can enjoy different wines, or local ipa beers. Even a bar dedicated to cocktails and prosecco

Smaller weddings are also great for people who don’t like crowds, and just want to enjoy their special day with a handful of close family and friends, without the stress of feeling like they have to entertain hundreds of people.