What do you get the event prof guru who always seems to have everything under control? If you need some inspiration for gift ideas, we have highlighted some items they would really cherish.

Bullet Journal

If they haven’t started on this productivity craze already then a bullet journal could be the perfect place to start. If they want to take back control of their to-do list it will be the gift that just keeps on giving!

Spa Hamper

At the end of a trying or long event day it’s nice to relax and while a spa trip may not be in the budget, a hamper with some luxurious goodies could be the next best thing. From soaps, a new robe or slippers, scented candles, and a face mask can give an immediate relaxation.

Travel Coffee Cup

Did you not know that event planners run on caffeine? Having their own travel cup (with a lid) can keep them hydrated throughout the day and saves their money (and the environment.)

Charging Essentials

Your phone dying during an event is not just a problem for attendees, an event planner without a phone is left without a lifeline. A dead battery needs to be avoided at all costs, particularly if working on a live event, so charging solutions are always appreciated.

Light Luggage

Whether it’s hand luggage or the extra light, easy to maneuver suitcases these are essentials for a traveling eventprof. The weight makes a huge difference, particularly if you are traveling straight to a venue but still want luggage big enough to pack everything you need.

Travel Adapter

For the international event planner, a travel adapter that is compact and allows them to charge and use outlets in whichever country they are in can take away some of the traveling stress.

If you’re an event planner – what have been some of your favourite gifts to receive? Let us know with a comment below!