If you’ve hired an events company to help with the planning and execution of your upcoming event, be sure you’re taking complete advantage of their knowledge, experience, and services. If you’re renting staging, why not also rent the necessary A/V equipment? If you don’t know exactly what you need, your events company will be able to help guide you, all while setting up and tearing down the display at the time of your event.

There are a variety of ways to effectively utilize lighting to help set the mood for your event, no matter what the theme. Here are the 4 most common and effective ways to utilize lighting.


No, we promise it’s not a UFO. It’s possible if you’ve spent any time in Toronto at night, you’ve seen these infamous spotlights in the Toronto sky. Spotlights are a great way to cause a grand entrance and create a spectacle.


String Lights

Perfect for weddings, string lights help add a romantic and timeless glow to the evening. Have them draped behind the head table or strung along the ceiling of a canopy for some amazing pictures and ambiance.

Clear Tent with String Lights


Uplighting can be used on both small and large scale focal pieces. Whether you choose to uplight your center pieces, the entrance to a ballroom, or the trees along the laneway leading up to the event venue, uplighting creates a dramatic and classic effect that won’t go unnoticed.


Strobe Lights

Strobe lights are the perfect addition to a dance floor, frosh week event, or music festival. Turn these beauties on at night with music for the perfect ambiance.


There you have it! You’ve now got an idea of the different lighting options available to you and your event. In need of a quote? Check out our rental inventory and request a free quote, here. Happy planning!