With patio season right around the corner, it’s time to start planning the perfect outdoor garden party. After a long winter cooped up indoors, there’s nothing better than inviting family and friends out to enjoy a majestic evening in your inviting backyard.

There are some key features that will help you create the perfect landscape for a memorable evening. Whether you’re celebrating an engagement or simply looking to bring people together, these tips will help you craft the perfect evening.

1. Dining outdoors

If you’re looking to feed your guests but aren’t interested in catering, consider renting a larger charcoal or propane barbeque to make large amounts of food, faster. In addition to taking some of the pressure off the evening’s head chef, renting silverware, china, and glassware is a great way to ensure you have enough of the necessities for dinner, without having to clean up the mess. Plus, is there anything more eloquent than uniform silverware and china?

2. Place settings

If your event is on the formal side, consider having individual place settings arranged prior to guests arriving. Renting silverware, china and glassware will provide you with the opportunity to create the perfect matching table setting. After your dinnerware is taken care of, you can easily complement any party theme with your choice of cloth napkins and nametags.

3. Rain or shine

After putting in all of the hard work to create this magical evening, wouldn’t it be awful if the weather decided to literally put a damper on things? Sometimes it’s worth spending the extra money to invest in a canopy or tent that will keep the party alive rain or shine! (And, you know, not completely drench your hors d’oeuvres and freshly folded napkins.) Plus, canopies and tents come in a variety of sizes to fit your driveway, patio deck, or backyard, so they’re great for protecting your guests on every occasion.

4. Set the mood

Nothing sets the mood better than lighting! Use string lighting or twinkle lights to create the perfect ambience, or LED Up lights to highlight trees and other landscape pieces or to make a grand entrance. No matter the occasion, lighting is the perfect way to set the tone of your backyard party.

5. Additional seating

If you want your guests to stay for more than just hors d’oeuvres and a bevvy on you, ensuring you have plenty of seating so they feel comfortable and relaxed is essential.  But let’s be honest, not many of us are equipped with enough seating to accommodate all of our guests, which is totally okay! We rent out a variety of seating options and even bundle it to accommodate your needs for the most affordable price. It’s a win-win situation!

6. Hassel free

Lastly, not everyone enjoys the details that go into hosting the perfect outdoor garden party. But us? We dig that stuff. Let us help you plan the perfect backyard party that fits your needs, theme, and budget. We’ll take the worry and stress out of planning, deliver, install and take down your canopy, tent, heat lamps, seating, mood lights, barbeques, and anything else you rent from us to make your party everything you hoped it would be to ‘wow’ your guests. Patio season is right around the corner. Contact us today for a quote!