Whether you’re a new bride, a bride that’s well on her way to wedding planning, a MIL or a member of the wedding party, these apps are going to be a savior through the wedding planning process! Here are some that I’ve discovered and think other brides-to-be could benefit from.


If you’re planning on sending save-the-dates, invites, or thank you cards, Postable is the app you need. In addition to having a variety of different designs and prints to choose from, as well as customizable options, they provide an address book that your family and friends can fill out so that once you’re done designing your cards, Postable takes care of the rest – puts them in envelopes, and ships them out! No need to fumble with stamps or hand writing addresses.


Choosing a single store for your registry can be tough, but why have one when you can have them all? RegistryLove gathers registries from all over the web and puts them all into one place, giving you way more options and making it much easier for your guests.


Unless you plan on staying local, honeymoons can be super expensive. Some couples I know have opted to have a honeymoon registry in place of a gift registry, giving guests the opportunity to contribute to your dream vacation instead of opting for a more traditional gift. Wanderable allows your loved ones to select certain items to pay for, ranging from beach towels to excursions and even cab rides. You can also send notes and thank yous through the app.

Top Table Planner

This kind of app is particularly useful for those who have larger weddings to arrange. Seating arrangements may quite possibly be the worst aspect of the entire wedding process. We’ve all seen the sticky note tricks to make planning easier, but this takes efficiency to the next level. Add your guests names into the Top Table Planner app and then drag and drop them at their appropriate tables. This app will run you $20, but it’ll save you time and possibly some stress!


There are hundreds of things that brides and grooms need to keep track of to ensure a smooth wedding day. WeddingWire allows you to create checklists, manage your budget, and track your RSVPs, all from your smartphone.

What apps have helped you with your wedding planning process? Let me know with a comment below!

Happy planning!