Summer provides the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for your employees and boost company morale. Whether you host a team building experience, an employee retreat, or a company BBQ, your employees are sure to feel the love.

If you’re opting to hold a company BBQ, here are some things to consider when planning your special employee appreciation day.

Licenses and Ordinances

Especially if you’re hosting the event on private property or outdoors in a small neighbourhood, be sure to look into noise ordinances, parking permits, and liquor licenses. The last thing you want is for a technicality to ruin your special day.


Is alcohol permitted at your event? Will you have an open bar, cash bar, or BYOB? If you are planning on having alcohol available for guests, handing out drink tickets is a good way to keep guests from partying a little too hard or taking advantage of the free alcohol. Something else to consider is having a sign with a list of available taxi companies and hotels nearby in the event guests aren’t able to safely drive home at the end of the night.

Kid Friendly

Will your event be kid-friendly? Are guests permitted to bring their young ones or will you have a separate kid’s day for them? If kids are invited, be sure to have a variety of child-friendly drinks, snacks, and games available to keep them entertained during the party.

Catered or DIY

Are you hiring a catering company to cater your event, holding a potluck, or serving up burgers and hot dogs on your own? If it’s the later, consider renting an industrial BBQ to keep things easy and get more food cooked in less time. An events company can also provide you with tables, chairs, cutlery, and anything else you may need to ensure dinner goes off without a hitch!


Adults enjoy participating in the occasional game too! Whether or not kids are invited to your company’s employee appreciation event, consider having a few adult-friendly games for your guests to enjoy. These games make great ice breakers, and also provide the opportunity for people in different departments to get acquainted. If you haven’t already, check out our previous post about games for every occasion to get inspired for your event!


Restrooms need to be considered when planning your event. Are restrooms available at the venue? If outdoors, renting Port-a-Johns might be your best option. Most rental companies have a supply you can choose from, and if they don’t, they typically will know someone who does.

Rain or Shine

Is your event happening rain or shine? If outdoors, unpredictable weather could pose some problems. Consider renting a tent or canopy to protect guests and food from the elements in the event of rain. A tent or canopy is also the perfect provider of shade on a hot, sunny day!

Well, there you have it! Our tips to get you started on your company BBQ planning. Feel free to request a quote or inquire about our services – we’d love to help you plan the perfect employee appreciation event!