When it comes to team building events, there are several things that tend to do well among companies. Here are some ideas to consider for your next team building event!

Laser tag

Laser tag is one of the first team building activities I participated in and it was a huge hit among our team members. Teams were chosen randomly and winners were determined by final scores at the end of the round. It was a great opportunity for us to work together and work with people we may not work with in a day-to-day setting.


I sat out on this one primarily because I don’t like the idea of being in pain, but this was another big hit at my office.

Rock climbing

More recently we went rock climbing at an indoor rock wall and it was a blast. We had some team building activities that including having the person climbing the wall blindfolded and the person on the ground having to guide them with the sound of their voice. It was challenging, outside of my comfort zone, and kind of hilarious to realize you’re only a few feet off the ground before you feel the need to jump off the wall due to your fear of ‘heights’.

Canoe trip

I’ve personally never done a canoe trip through work, but my significant other has. This is a trip that requires patience, teamwork, and communication which is why it makes for such a great team building experience.

Camping trip

A camping trip is similar to a canoe trip in that I imagine you’d need quite a bit of patience and communication to set up your tent and get your fire started for the evening. It also requires getting pretty comfortable with your team as chances are you’ll be seeing them dirty, sweaty, and smelly.


Volunteering with your team is a great way to make a difference in your community as a unity. Not only is this great for morale and team  building, it’s also a great way to get your company name out there and bring awareness to your business.

Networking events

Attending networking events as a company or team is a good way to connect with other locals, brag about what you do, promote your company, and see your co-workers outside of work. I often find that even people I may not be fond of in the work environment are a riot outside of the office.

Softball team

We recently started a softball team at work and it’s been one of my favourite parts of my job this year. Competing with my beer league outside of work has been a lot more fun than I anticipated. Everyone is supportive, encouraging, and helpful, which is excellent because I know nothing about the sport. Our company has also had a company soccer team and we have an ongoing bootcamp team that hits the gym several times a weak.

What team building events have been your favourite? Let us know by sharing them below!

Happy planning!