Food is all about bringing people together. Here are some dessert trends to incorporate into your next event.


Sandwich-style desserts, like whoopie pies, ice cream sandwiches and macarons are popular options that can still pack layers of flavour.

A twist on classics

The opportunity lies in how classic desserts are reinvented. Working with your venue to take a familiar dessert and flip it on its head can elevate your meal from good to great.

Sweet and savoury

From herbs, to teas, to root vegetables—desserts that find the right balance of complimentary sweet and savoury build layers of flavour that can take even the simplest dessert to a new level.

Local Suppliers, Seasonal Ingredients

It’s not just about what ingredients are in your dessert—it’s also about where they come from.  A seasonal dessert is always popular, because it indicates to delegates that what they’re eating is fresh and locally-sourced.

Happy planning!