Planning a party or event may seem easy, but whether you’re an amateur or pro, people often find themselves getting overwhelmed when their ‘To Do’ list seems to be growing as opposed to shrinking. Sure, it might be tempting to tackle the planning on your own, but is it worth the time, energy, stress, and frustration? Consider the following when making your final decision.

You vs. Them

Of course you’re capable, the queen (or king) of organization, and absolutely killed your nephew’s first birthday party, but can you plan a large event better than trained professionals? Event companies are educated, connected, skilled, and aware of different trends that could benefit your event. That kind of expertise is invaluable.

Extra help

Unless you have an extended team ready to aid you in event planning, chances are you’re going to be carrying a lot of the event planning stress on your shoulders. There is event-planning prowess in numbers! Event companies have staff, resources, and connections at their disposal and chances are they can get your big job done much faster (and a whole lot easier) than if you were to try and tackle the project on your own.


One of the major benefits of hiring an events company is their willingness to use their connections. Because they’ve been doing this for a while, they’ve already got connections for things they don’t personally offer, like food, decor, bouncy castles, etc. This also provides a huge opportunity for negotiating rates.

Sure, it may seem budget-friendly to plan an event on your own. But is it really worth it when you start adding up everything you’ll  need to rent and the time you’ll personally  have to spend on planning the event? Do it right the first time and consider hiring an event company to help make your event a great success. Request a free quote, here.