If you were you ask just about anyone in event management how they promote their events, the majority would say ’email marketing’. Despite being one of the most effective and reliable marketing channels for the promotion of events, email marketing is often neglected and viewed as outdated. Here are some tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of email marketing now.

Start Building Your List, Like Yesterday

If you don’t have the option to subscribe on your website, you need one. This will allow you to send updates on upcoming events and ensure your target audience is kept in the loop.

Write to an Actual Person

Ensure the text in your email is personal and not generic, this will give you a better response. If you have too many things to talk about, instead of cramming it all into one email, consider breaking it up into several smaller emails. Leave a bit of a teaser at the end of each so the reader knows to expect more later.

Test Subject Lines

If an email has a poor open rate, you can bet it’s because of a poor subject line. Conduct an A/B test with two different lines to see which performs better before sending out to a mass email list.

Don’t Overwhelm People

Choose an emailing schedule and stick to it. If you start going overboard and emailing frantically days leading up to the event, it gives the impression your event is struggling.

Email Marketing is one of the most important ways you can attract attendees to an event. It might not be as shiny and new as some social channels, but people trust it and are familiar with it, and that makes them comfortable.

Happy planning!