If you’re an event planner who is looking to learn more about your craft, learn tips and tricks and best practices from the pros, look no further than this list of some of the best event planner podcasts out there! Let’s get started:


Host by Will Curran, founder of Endless Entertainment, sits down with event industry influencers to discuss topics like event technology, event management and A/V. 

Event Tech Podcast

Hosted by John Federico, this podcast delves into anything and everything about the event tech space. Event Technology has become crucial for any event planner. For veterans in the event tech space, or first timers looking to learn more, this podcast is a great place to start.

Techsytalk Unscripted

Ready to look behind the curtain of the complicated event planning industry? Co-hosts Liz King and Ed Waffles bring you the kind of tips and tricks that only seasoned planners can. King and Waffles pick the brains of event hustlers from across the industry, looking for insight and case studies to share with listeners.

Turn Of Events

Hosts Laura Lopez and Graham Wheeler have a knack for finding fascinating subjects to interview about various aspects of event planning.

The Meeting Planning Madness Podcast

This is a bi-monthly, thirty minute podcast about all things event planning. Learn about the hardships and mishaps event professionals have overcome, and take away keen insights into the industry that you’ll be able to apply to your own events.

Meetings Podcast

A popular industry podcast, Meetings Podcast covers a wide variety of topics, from special event planning, to event logistics, AV assistance and event speakers. For a general event planning podcast, this is a perfect go-to.

The Savvy Event Planner

Tom Crowl hosts this popular event planning podcast, Crowl delves into event management, from start to finish. He’s worked with event professionals around the world, entertainment agencies, caterers, businesses, and more to help them created fantastic events.

What are your favourite event podcasts? Let us know by leaving us a comment below! We’d love to check them out!