2017 is just around the corner, and with that thought in mind, we decided to take a look to see what trends are on the horizon for event planners. Let’s have a look:


With everyone constantly on demand or tied to their phones and other devices, expect to see some unplugged events taking over. Yoga retreats, meditation breaks, and mindful guest speakers are just a few ways we’ll be seeing the ‘unplugged’ movement make its way to the forefront.

Fusion of Business and Creativity

Expect to see the collaboration between conferences and festivals in 2017. This not only attracts a wide range of audiences, it also allows for multi-disciplinary learning to co-exist.

Business meets Leisure

We’re see now, more than ever before, conference attendees pair vacation with their business meetings. Some guests will schedule their vacation around their conferences so they can take in the culture and sites instead of flying into a conference and leaving without seeing anymore of their destination.

Move over ‘Millennials’

In 2017, Gen X will be the primary focus of conversation and thought among event planners and business leaders. With their knowledge of technology and digital communications arguably surpassing that of Millennials, business leaders are finally taking notice and giving them the attention they so desperately seek.

Happy planning in 2017!