With 2018 right around the corner, it’s time to start looking at event trends for 2018! Here are some of the more notable trends we can expect to see in the events industry in the new year.

Using drones for filming and security

Video now brings events to life like never before with new technologies and capabilities such as 360 degree video and live streaming through major social media sites. Drones give event planners and attendees the ability to record and stream the action from new heights and perspectives.

Not only are drones perfect for broadcasting your event, but they also provide you the ability to provide additional security.

Crowdshaping your events in real time

Imagine having the ability to change variables such as music genre, venue temperature, and music volume on the spot based on the mood of your guests. Crowdshaping gives event managers this ability through the use of smartphones and wearable technologies, which collect this data in real time.

Using check-in apps that allow users to log in through their social media accounts gives you insight into the preferences of your guests, along with further inquiries through real-time mobile surveys and GPS locating. Using this information, you can build an event for your crowd in real time. Is the venue too warm? You can ask and find out at a moment’s notice. Is the music too loud or not to the liking of your guests? Crowdshaping technology lets you know.

Travel costs are on the rise

In order to combat these increases, there are tips and tricks to save you and your guests from overpaying on airfare and hotel rates. Some tricks include choosing non-traditional spots for events, constantly checking airfares using incognito browsers to avoid airlines from tracking your searches through cookies (and setting fares based on those searches), and using flight search apps such as Skiplagged and hotel search sites such as Kayak.

What trends have you seen for 2018? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Happy planning!