Family get-togethers aren’t exclusive to the summer. In fact, there are many unique opportunities fall has that summer doesn’t! Here are some ideas to consider for your fall family affair.

Corn Maze

If you’re lucky enough to live on a farm, this is something you can do right at home! Corn mazes are fun for all ages and can turn from ‘family fun’ to ‘fun for adults’ when it becomes dark, the kids go to sleep, and the maze transforms into a haunted corn maze! Consider giving a prize to the family who navigates the maze first!

Wagon Rides

Another great opportunity if you live on a farm, are wagon rides around the property. If you don’t, many apple orchards offer wagon rides as part of their family fun. Meet your family members at an orchard and spend the day picking apples and pumpkins, and enjoying a hot apple cider on your ride around the property.

Pumpkin Carving Competition

This family activity is a nice addition to the aforementioned. Once you’re done at the pumpkin patch and back home for a family pot luck, consider using your new pumpkins for a pumpkin carving competition. Little ones can use paint or markers.

Leaf Pile Competition

This game is both fun and productive, especially if you’re the party host! Create teams and whoever creates the biggest leaf pile using the leaves in your yard, wins a prize! Then, simply rake the leaves into bags and leave them at the side of the road. You’ve got a nice clean yard again!

These are our favourite ideas for your upcoming fall family get-together. What are some of your fall family traditions? Share them with a comment below! And, don’t forget to check out our inventory for all of your event rental needs!