There are a variety of things to consider when choosing music for your event. Unsure of where to start? Here are some helpful tips to make picking music for your event fun and easy!

  1. What kind of event is it? Weddings and anniversary parties normally require romantic tracks and some popular dance music. These cannot be the same for a business gathering, where people need to interact and converse a lot more.
  2. Where will it be hosted? Indoor venues normally offer better acoustics, while concert halls and auditoriums are perfect for events where the music is more than just background entertainment.
  3. Does the music match the pace? Ambient music and sound affect the mood of any gathering and can even set the pace for festivities. If you want guests to mingle when they arrive and start dancing later, make sure your playlist reflects that.
  4. Live band or DJ? Professional DJs can pick music that is best-suited for different requirements, but a good live band can do that too. While it’s a personal choice, live music is normally better-received at weddings and parties, especially where dancing is involved.
  5. Is the venue equipped for music? While most event venues offer in-house equipment and space for musicians to set up, you should check with them anyway.
  6. Cost or quality? Most times, good musicians and DJs cost more than their less-experienced counterparts.. Expertise comes at a price, so it’s worth splurging!
  7. Modern music or classic? When it comes to picking a playlist, you may wonder whether to play classic tracks or favor contemporary artists. The best thing to do here is consider the age group of guests invited, or play a mixed bag of modern and classic.
  8. Personal favorites? If you’re hosting a party or wedding, your own preferences can (and should!) be part of the event. This adds a personal touch to a celebration, but a business event might not be the best place to display your love for reggae or punk rock.
  9. Is there a theme? If you’ve put the time and effort into picking a theme for an event, make sure the music doesn’t let you down! While this may seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many people forget about themed music while focusing on decor and dress codes!
  10. Is there a ‘winding-down’ time? Many event spaces do not allow loud music after a certain time and may even ask you leave if you don’t respect that. Inform the DJ/band and ask them to play softer music and slower tracks as the event progresses.