Depending on where in Ontario you’re located, chances are you’ve experienced a dump of snow in the last week or so, despite some of the mild days we’ve been having. This acts as an important reminder to have plans in place to ensure guest comfort at events for when snow hits your area!

Our focus today will be on ensuring guest comfort after they’ve arrived safely at an event venue.

Let’s keep our attendees safe and warm using these 10 tips!

1. Keep taps running – even just dripping slightly – to prevent pipes from freezing.

2. Keep mops on hand to ensure excess water and snow brought in from outside is cleaned up upon guest arrival. Ensure to put up ‘Wet Floor’ signs.

3. Keep winter supplies on hand, including extra windshield scrapers, washer fluid, and salt for parking lots, driveways, stairs, and sidewalks.

4. Have a supply kit with flashlights, phone chargers, blankets, canned food, and water in the event of a severe winter storm or power outage.

5. Prior to the arrival of guests, ensure the heat is adjusted and extra heating methods are utilized in areas that are prone to draft (opening and closing doors, etc).

6. Ensure a coat check room is available.

7. Place boxes of tissue in rest rooms and meeting rooms.

8. Offer hot beverages to guests upon arrival.

9. Cover the most important items in the agenda early in the event you have to end early.

10. If severe winter weather is predicted for a time your event is scheduled, consider postponing or cancel the event so as not to risk participant safety.

How do you ensure guests are comfortable and safe during the winter months? Let us know by leaving us a comment below!

Happy planning!