Event swag is a great thing. Six months after your event, your attendee might reach into their bag and pull out a pen with your company logo on it and remember the experience they had at your event. Or, they could go to coffee with a friend who asks them about the logo on their phone case. Either way, the swag you give out at an event is important to your branding.

Here are some easy tips to help choose what type of swag to purchase for your next event.

1. Make it something people can actually use.

Don’t waste money on stuff that your attendees either won’t want or won’t use. There’s no reason to get complicated with the gifts you give them either, stay simple. Pens and cups are great because everyone always needs one. Stay away from super trendy items because they typically go out of style as quickly as they came into style.

2. Give something attractive.

If you’re giving out 500 water bottles at an event, the design is important. Make people want to walk around with your swag.

3. Find something reasonably priced.

Depending on your budget “reasonably priced” will mean different things. If you’re hosting 15 executives at a retreat, then your event swag might be more expensive. But if you’re hosting 500 attendees, then the 500 tote bags you order may not be the highest quality out there.

4. Buy in bulk.

Buying items in bulk usually brings the price down. Take time to test the prices for higher quantity numbers, you may be surprised. This can be a win-win for you as the planner because you may be able to give the same swag out at multiple events.

5. Use Social Media.

When designing your event swag, make sure to include your social media handles or hashtags. Encourage your attendees to post with their swag and offer incentives for posting. For example, if they post a picture in their branded t-shirt, then they receive a future discount.

 What are some of your favourite swag items that you’ve received at past events? Let us know with a comment below!