Is your dream wedding small, or a theatrical production? Is it with an intimate group of friends and family, or are you opting for hundreds of people? Are you getting married in the winter? In the spring? The way you answer these questions will play a big role on what constitutes as your ‘perfect wedding venue’. Here are some additional things to consider when choosing the perfect wedding venue for your big day.


Are you allowing guests to bring children to your ceremony? Do you have any family members with mobility aids that may make certain locations difficult to get to? Is your venue accessible? While this is your wedding day, it’s important to take into consideration the comfort of your guests. Someone in a wheelchair might have a difficult time attending a beach wedding, while guests with children might have difficulty attending a destination wedding.

Religious Ceremony

If you want a religious ceremony, be sure to speak with whoever is marrying you on your wedding day. In many cases, religious ceremonies need to be held in a religious setting like a church, so finding out where you can or cannot host your religious wedding ceremony is important.

Destination Wedding

Destination weddings can be a lot of fun and help take away the guess work of a wedding – they can even be quite cost-effective compared to the average price of weddings that don’t take place on a tropical island. But, is a destination wedding practical for you and your guests? The thing about destination weddings is that they can be quite costly for family and friends to attend. If guests want to be a part of your wedding ceremony, they have to take time off work, make arrangements for their children and pets, and fly to your wedding destination. This isn’t ideal for older relatives, relatives or friends that may have a fear of flying, or guests with children. If you want to have a large turnout for your wedding, a destination wedding might not be the best option.


Sure, a wedding in a barn, in a garden, or in a field might be unique and picturesque, but will your guests be uncomfortable? Many people have seasonal allergies and hay, wheat, pollen, and a variety of other allergens tend to be present at outdoor, on location wedding venues. Take this in to consideration when deciding where you’re going to host your big day.

Rain or Shine

Does your venue accommodate the unpredictable weather? If it rains on your wedding day, will your ceremony be able to go off without a hitch, or while rain ruin your big day? If your wedding ceremony is outdoors, consider renting a tent or canopy to keep yourself and your guests dry no matter the elements. Most event companies will even arrive to install it and take it down after your big day so you don’t have to stress about it!

Reception and Accommodations

Is your wedding ceremony venue seconding as a reception space? If not, is there a reception space nearby? What about accommodations? How are guests getting from point A to B? If you’re asking guests to come out to your wedding ceremony and/or receptions, ensuring there are adequate accommodations and a convenient second location is vital.


Lastly, can your venue accommodate the number of guests on your invitation list? Is your guest list more important than your venue, or will you sacrifice your venue for your guests? Ensure you know the number of people you need to accommodate before you start your search for the perfect wedding venue, otherwise you may end up finding your dream venue and being disappointed when you realize it can’t fit your party.