Once you admit the stress that comes with the job of event planning, you are able to positively address and manage the it, preventing burnout. Below are a few ways to help keep you balanced, relaxed and motivated.

Give Yourself Permission To Relax

As an admitted workaholic and perfectionist, it’s difficult for me to accept that I need to stop working sometimes. By allowing myself to relax, and finding other things that made me happy, I was actually able to work more effectively.


Sleep is a very important aspect to your life. Make sure you are practising good sleep habits. Set limits to your work day so you do not suffer the effects of sleep deprivation.

Deep Breathing

If you are feeling stressed, simple deep breathing and meditation. After just a few minutes of deep breathing and simple meditation exercises, you may find that you are able to boost your focus. One simple deep breathing exercise is the 4-7-8 exercise. After exhaling completing through your mouth (make a whooshing sound), inhale quietly through your nose while counting to four in your head. Hold your breath while counting to seven in your head, then exhale completely through your mouth (make a whooshing sound) while counting to eight in your head. Repeat this cycle 4 times.


We’ve all seen the numerous articles encouraging us to exercise. Exercising doesn’t have to be strenuous, include a gym membership, or take up a large chunk of your day. It can be an easy 10 minute walk during lunch, some yoga stretching in your bedroom before your morning shower, or quick 5-10 minute workouts without weights.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand. While eating healthy is often spoken in relation to losing weight, you also need to be aware of how food affects your daily life. Certain foods boost your energy and metabolism. Caffeine and sugary foods can give you a quick burst of energy, but also leads to a big crash. Cycling though these energy spurts and crashes throughout the day can lead to stress and frustration, especially when you need to be productive all day long.


Whether you prefer fiction, sci-fi, how to’s, or biographies, reading is an excellent way to get away and explore a whole new world. You can pick up an actual book or use technology to read on your mobile devices. Reading allows you to engross yourself in a story and give your brain time to relax from the stresses at work or home.


While too much TV or movie time can become a problem, having a favourite show or two is a great way to schedule relaxation into your day.


As we get deeper into events and projects, our hobbies tend to take a back seat, or even totally disappear. While being focused and working hard is important, you should also find outlets that help you relax and take a break. Rediscovering a long-lost hobby can be very gratifying. Whether it’s camping, archery, bowling or knitting, find something relaxing to do that makes you happy.

Friends and Family Time

If you find you are missing family meals or activities, schedule those times into your calendar. And don’t forget your furry family members! Taking time to play or snuggle with your pet is a great way to relax.

Take Time Off

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to shut down and get away. If it doesn’t make you too anxious, turn the computer off, and put the phone and tablets down. Turn off the constant notifications and get away for a few minutes. Enjoy the silence.