As our upcoming buck and doe approaches, I’ve determined there are a few specifics that play into a successful event. The purpose of a buck and doe is to celebrate and help offset the wedding costs of a couple, so ensuring you have the right combination to draw a crowd is incredibly important! Here are some other things I’ve learned along the way.

Determine a Theme

We attended a buck and doe earlier this year that was on St. Paddy’s and therefore took on that theme. Because St. Paddy’s is known for being a drinking holiday, people were already looking for something to do and the buck and doe met all of their requirements – food, booze, and a fun time. Choosing a theme is a great way to draw a crowd. Our buck and doe is a Halloween costume party with tarot card reader, Halloween music, and more.


Getting prizes for your raffle table or other money-makers is another way to draw a crowd. I’ve been collecting items for months and teasing them on the Facebook event page to get people excited about the upcoming festivities!

Ask for Help

Ensuring you have enough helping hands will also take some of the stress away from you and ensure that people are circulating and spreading the word. We have a huge wedding party and family who are eager to help by selling tickets, jello shots and raffle tickets!

Find the Right Venue

Thankfully our venue covers insurance and allows us to keep 100% of liquor sales – not many venues are the same way, so do some homework before committing to one – they’re out there!

Options to Participate

We gave our attendees a variety of ways to get involved. They can purchase tickets online in advance, buy beer for a year tickets, raffle tickets, and/or 50/50 tickets – there’s something that appeals to everyone.

Did you have a successful buck and doe? What advice would you give to someone about to host their own? Let me know by leaving a comment below!