So your one year wedding anniversary is coming up and you rightfully want to celebrate! Here are some ideas for a first anniversary!

Plan a Party

An anniversary party a year from the day you had your loved ones celebrate your love through your wedding is a great excuse to get your family together and reminisce about your wedding ceremony and talk about your first year of marriage.

Romantic Night Out

A romantic night out with your S/O is a great way to talk about the ups and downs in your first year of marriage, celebrate each other and your love, and take time from your busy life to appreciate each other and the things you’ve accomplished in your first year of marriage.

Romantic Night In

Alternatively, a romantic night in with your spouse watching your favourite movie, drinking champagne and eating the top tier from your wedding cake is another great way to celebrate your love and your first anniversary as newlyweds.

Dinner at the Wedding Reception Location

Having a romantic dinner at the location you had your ceremony or wedding reception is a great way to experience ‘all the feels’ all over again. Order the same meal you did when you had your wedding reception or just bask in the overall ambiance of the reception place and remember why you chose it in the first place.

Second Honeymoon

Your first anniversary is the perfect excuse to go on a second honeymoon. Even if you can’t go all out, all inclusive vacations are inexpensive, or a weekend getaway to a nearby cottage, spa, or couple’s resort is a great alternative your love and being together.

Watch Wedding Videos

Watching wedding videos from the day of is a great way to ensure you relive the moment you experienced only a year ago. Have a viewing party with your immediate family or enjoy watching your wedding videos just the two of you. Reminisce about the day, the vows you both said, the people who were there, and everything else positive associated with the day.

Renewing Vows

Renewing your vows may not seem like something newlywed couples do, but it’s never a negative thing to reflect on the promises you made to one another from the very beginning. Do it in private or with immediate family. It’s sure to be an incredibly special and intimate moment.

Champagne Toast

As a classic, have a champagne toast as it is your champagne anniversary after all! Have it at the time of your ceremony, or just when you’re having dinner and a romantic night in.

Recreate Wedding Photos

This gives you an excuse to whip out your old wedding dress and suit and recreate your favourite pictures from your wedding shoot one year later. This also gives you the opportunity to create pictures you may not have had the opportunity to capture one year ago at your actual wedding.

How did you celebrate your one year wedding anniversary? Did you do something extravagant or lowkey? Let us know by leaving us a note in the comments below! We’d love to hear all about it.

Happy planning!