Facebook offers a free platform to reach your audience while being user-friendly, because, let’s face it, almost everyone on your guest list has Facebook and has RSVP’d to at least one FB event in their life. Here are some tips to make the most of the platform.

1. Use a Facebook page to create your event and add your personal profile as a host.

  • Invitees have a link to see all of the other events you have created.
  • Invitees have a link to like your page.

2. Don’t make someone search for information on your event.

Make sure the important stuff is at the top of the details section and can be seen without hitting “See More.”

3. Use Facebook-recognized venues, not addresses for the location.

Type the venue name into the location bar slowly. Facebook will autocomplete the name of the venue and then you can click on one of the suggestions.

4. Never check “Only admins can post to the event wall.”

The wall is the best place to engage your invitees.

5. Use your invites wisely.

Create groups of friends by location, interest, work and more. Inviting all of your guests can make the event look less exclusive and come across as spamy.

Happy planning!