Drones are taking on many different roles in events and they have even helped choose event venues as well. Here are some other ways to utilize drones as an event planner:

1. Highlight Your Technology

Show you’re ahead of the game by incorporating cutting-edge technology.

2. Take Content-Capture to the Next Level

Utilize video drones to capture exclusive content your client’s social media channels.

3. Deliver the Goods

Leveraging drones at your event can be as simple as using the devices to swiftly deliver products to attendees.

4. Entertain

With the advent of professional drone racing, the number of consumers interested in the up-and-coming sport is expanding rapidly.

5. Cut back on costs and equipment

Use a drone to avoid heavy and bulky equipment normally associated with video production.

6. Scope out a location

Instead of visiting a location or if you’d like a better idea of a venue’s scope, have a drone fly above to get a better view of the available land.