There are many reasons people opt for a destination wedding. They are stress-free, scenic, and often cheaper than planning an event on your own. Here are some tips to ensure your destination wedding planning runs smoothly:

  1. Do a site visit!

  2. Excite your guests

    You’’re asking friends/family to make a significant commitment of their time and money. This is their vacation too, so you should excite them about the trip.

  3. Do it all from home

    After all the destination wedding planning, this should be a vacation for you too. Complete as many tasks as possible while you’‘re still home so that when you arrive at your location, you can relax instead of running errands.

  4. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

    Don’’t get so caught up in tiny details that you don’’t enjoy the experience.

  5. Plan Another Event

    You should arrange at least one event (welcome cocktails or rehearsal dinner) prior to the big day as a way to thank your guests for making the trip.

  6. Send Invitations Early

    Invitations need to be mailed much earlier than a traditional hometown marriage. You have to give your guests plenty of time to request time off from work, save money, snag the best airfares, arrange for babysitting, etc.

  7. Thank Your Guests

    Plan a welcome party or dinner, greet them with a welcome bag full of goodies like flip flops, snacks, an area map and water bottles. Another easy and inexpensive idea is to include a heartfelt thank you note in your program.

  8. Dress Appropriately

    It’’s your big day so by all means, if you’’ve always dreamed of a velvet, Cinderella ball gown, go for it.  But if you want to be comfortable, keep in mind your location’s climate when choosing a dress.

  9. Remember The Honeymoon

    The beauty of destination wedding planning is that you can combine it with your honeymoon. Instead of spending time and money jetting off to a whole other country, consider having your honeymoon in the same place.

Happy planning!