The Periscope app has been leading the way for live streaming, and 2016 is the time to get on board. Periscope allows users to instantly broadcast and view livestreams via smartphones and mobile devices. Planners can use it as a way to generate new content, like showcasing a sneak peek interview with the keynote speaker. Live streaming isn’t new, but it has been cost-prohibitive for the average event producer. Apps like Periscope are empowering planning teams and attendees with streaming capabilities at all times.

Here are five important tips you need to know before mastering Periscope at your next event:

1. Editing does not exist

This is a live app. If you’re used to fine tuning your audio and video, you’ll need to adjust your approach. Once you hit “Broadcast” there is no turning back. But remember that people appreciate reality and transparency, so don’t worry about making it sound too formal.

2. Embrace the chat functionality

There is a chat option so viewers can participate by asking questions or making comments. This is a great way to increase engagement and build buzz around your event.

3. Earn extra love

You can see how your content is resonating by how many “hearts” you get. Viewers will tap the screen to send the broadcaster colourful hearts when they like something during live streaming.

4. Get a tripod

Though most short streams can easily be done by holding a smartphone, use a tripod when filming longer streams (i.e. a speaker’s keynote). This way the viewers won’t get seasick when you’re broadcasting, and they’ll benefit from higher video quality.

5. Lock down strong Wi-Fi

Since the live stream is powered by the strength of the venue’s connection, Wi-Fi is an important aspect to check before broadcasting. Check the planned bandwidth with your supplier because using Periscope can greatly slow the speed for the entire audience. You won’t want to crash the network on the big day!

Will you be using Periscope during your next event? Let us know with a comment below!