As I get older, more and more people around me are getting married and settling down, which made me think – what makes up the perfect bachelor and bachelorette parties? I did some digging and found these tips to share with you:

Who to Invite?

What once was a gentleman’s party where men would gather to smoke, drink and toast to the bride’s health, is now a raunchy night on the town. So, who gets invited to this event? Only the closest friends and male relatives. Make sure it’s appropriate – if he doesn’t have that kind of relationship with his dad, you may want to think twice about including him.

The Location

Sure, strip clubs and bars are traditional venues for the generic bachelor party. But does anyone really want a typical bachelor party? Cottage weekends, trips to Vegas, and experiences like camping and sky-diving are all the rage these days!

Think About the Timing

While the night before the big day may seem like the most appropriate and symbolic night to throw the bash, the last thing a nervous groom needs is a hangover. Planning it a week before the wedding is usually a good place to start.

Be Responsible

If you’re going for a night on the town, make sure you either have accommodations or transportation to get you to and from the bar. Friends don’t let friends drink and drive!

Happy planning!