All event professionals are creative individuals and we can tend feel stuck from time to time. It happens to all of us. It seems the more you push yourself to think creatively, the less successful you are at it. Luckily there are some things you can do to help remove that creative block. Here are some ways to get that tap of creativity flowing again.

Get Organized

One of the first things to do when you  fall into a creative rut is get re-organized. Since we work long hours and often on many things at once, we can tend to get behind on properly filing or putting away things when we are done with them. The buildup of clutter on your desk or in your office can also create clutter in your head, preventing you from thinking clearly.

Change of Scenery

If you’ve organized your space, but you still feel out of sorts, change your physical location. Get out of your ‘comfortable’ office space or work area and try a new place to work. Try a conference room in the building or a coffee house down the street. If you work from home, move from your home office to the kitchen or even outside to the porch. If you are traveling and not having much luck working in your hotel room, go to the lobby. Sometimes the rustle of activity can stimulate your brain and get you back on track.


If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you will not be at your best, especially when it comes to creativity and being productive. Whether it is a full eight hours or just a quick nap in the afternoon, sleep is extremely important. It keeps you alert, happy, creative, and healthy. Be sure to set your schedule to allow for a good night’s sleep as often as possible.


DIY! As event planners, we tend to be crafty and creative by nature. If you are stuck in a rut, find a craft or project to work on. By working on something different, it will give your brain a break, while still allowing you to enjoy yourself. If you are able to finish the project, you can also get an extra boost of motivation by feeling productive!

Take a Vacation

Whether you are able to escape to a secluded destination or give yourself a simple staycation, take some time to step away from your never-ending to do lists. While on this break, take time to notice more of the world around you. Take note of small details in nature or in architecture. It’s ok to not work sometimes. By stepping away and clearing your mind, you can give yourself a chance to focus your energy and recharge your creative batteries.

Learn New Things

I enjoy learning new things whenever I can. I have found that by learning and studying something new, it gives me different perspectives and helps me get “un-stuck.” Attending a conference or a chapter meeting of an industry organization can provide you with new information that could help you think differently.

Being an event professional is a wonderfully creative life! Every once in a while, though, everyone needs a mental break. Whether it is cleaning your house, playing a game, or exercising, finding the best way that works for you to recharge yourself is crucial to have continued success.