The real reason most people don’t like meetings is because they aren’t usually very functional.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are several ways that you can take the tired, boring business meeting, and transform it into a powerhouse of productivity.

Don’t Have A Meeting

The best meeting of all time is the one that never happened. Before you send out that Outlook meeting reminder, take the time to decide if you actually need to have a meeting. Can the meeting be replaced by a collaborative Google Doc or shared Everwork work folder? If so, take the digital route.

Cut The Time

A meeting does not have to be an hour long affair. In fact, there is some evidence that supports the idea that people’s attention spans are short and limited, that if you’re having a meeting longer than a half hour, you’re pretty much talking to yourself.

Get Rid Of The Chairs

Having a meeting standing up is a great idea. We spend a lot of time seated behind our desks. Sometimes the simple act of standing up, forces people to pay attention, be concise, and listen attentively.

Go For A Walk

Similar to the logic behind having a standing meeting, taking your meeting out of the office is a great way to boost productivity.

Focus On Your Agenda

One tried and true method to having a truly productive meeting is in creating a meeting agenda. Take the time to create an agenda that goes into:

  • What topics will be discussed at the meeting, by whom, and for how long.
  • What everyone’s roles at the meeting will be. Your meeting agenda should also explain who is in charge of taking minutes, handling food and beverage needs, etc.
  • When and where the meeting will take place, and how long it is expected to last.

If you can craft a meeting agenda that hits on these points, sending it out with enough time for all meeting participants to read it and prepare accordingly, you will see a huge difference in your meeting productivity.

In Conclusion

The secret to productive meetings is having a comprehensive agenda, and keeping the experience innovative for participants. Make sure your meeting only includes people who need to be there, and covers topics that are relevant. And don’t forget that you can collaborate with people without sitting them down in a meeting room!