The holidays are known for being stress-inducing. Responsible for hosting your holiday party this year? These tips will help you feel prepared and reduce your party planning stress so you can enjoy yourself as much as your guests!

First Thing’s First, Make a List

Perhaps the ultimate way to create a stress-free holiday is to live by a list. Plan ahead, and don’t be afraid to delegate. Asking guests to help with a party-related task makes them feel more involved, so never be afraid to ask.

Cook Ahead

Do as much ahead of time as possible. Not everything you make has to be done from scratch. Soups, chilli, and stews feed a crowd and are easy to freeze. Do as much preparation ahead of time to keep yourself from stressing the day of.


As far as beverages go, it’s always smart to stock up on soda and mixers. Make sure to have coffee, cider and a basket of teas handy. Keep your bar stocked with vodka, rum and a few choices of wine, but encourage guests to BYOB.

Create Comfort

For a casual holiday party, don’t feel compelled to seat guests around a dinner table. If you’ve got a lot of company, a buffet may be a better way to go. Guests can serve themselves, and it helps you avoid allergies or serving guests food they may not be fond of.

Open House

Too many friends and family to host at one time? Have an open house and let them know they can drop by any time between certain hours on one day. Your guests will appreciate the flexibility and you’ll gain quality time with the ones you love.

Make Your Own Traditions

We all know the value of family traditions and the sense of comfort they impart. However, sometimes breaking from old traditions can save your sanity; living up to Grandma’s years of holiday handiwork is hard work. Keep the best and ditch the rest. Going around the room and sharing favourite holiday memories can be just as meaningful!

Happy planning!