Backyard hoster-of-parties and professional party throwers, alike! May 2/4 weekend is right around the corner and what better excuse do you need to throw an epic party? Chances are no matter what kind of event you’re hosting, there are a few for sure elements to keep in mind.

Appropriate Permits

If you missed our post on the different permits that may be needed for your event, you can check it out here. Permits for selling liquor, arranging parking and bathrooms, and noise ordinances are things to consider when planning your May 2/4 party.

Sleeping Arrangements

Are guests staying over after the event is done? Is there room on your property for tents? Or are you arranging transportation for your guests? Remember, if it’s a party on private property, you’re responsible for everyone getting home safe and sound. Which brings us to…


If you’re sending guests home at the end of the night, be sure to have a list of area taxis readily available. Make it as easy as possible for your guests to find their way home, otherwise you’re the one who’s going to be stuck with them. If applicable, have taxi chits to give to your guests as they leave the party.

Rain or Shine

A little rain isn’t going to ruin your May 2/4 event! Depending on the kind of party you’re having, a great option to accommodate unpredictable weather is a canopy or tent. You can rent a canopy or tent from an event rental store completely hassle-free. They’ll show up and install it and then return to take it down after your party is finished.


Once day turns to night, it’s important to have the proper lighting to keep the party going. For a more intimate setting, think of using some subtle twinkle lights. For more of a dance party, try using some strobe or coloured lights. Again, you can rent your lighting and any sort of audio visual equipment from an event company, who will come and install your lighting and sound equipment and then return to clean it up when the party is finished.


Are you having a cash bar at your event, or is it BYOB? Either way, you’re responsible for your party-goers if you’re hosting the event on your private property, so make sure everyone is drinking responsibly and that you have the proper licenses and permits required so you don’t end up with a fine.


This is one thing you can’t ignore. People will drink and people will need to use some sort of bathroom. Are you allowing guests access to your house to use a bathroom, or will you need to rent a Port-a-John (or several)?


Are you providing your guests with food? Are they bringing their own? Are you hiring vendors to come and sell food at your event? The Health Department will want to come and ensure your set-up is sanitary and that food isn’t located too close to the bathrooms. Ensure you have plenty of garbage disposal areas set up, too! You’ll be the one picking up the trash, otherwise.

Are you hosting a May 2/4 party this year? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Happy planning.