The ability to sell your idea over the ideas of other planners or companies is important now more than ever before. Check out these tips to enhance your next pitch!

Catch Their Attention

You don’t have a lot of time to get the attention of your audience. Here are some ways to catch their attention:

-Asking a question
-Using a quotation
-Relating to current affairs
-A shock opening
-Using humor

Capture Their Senses 

It’s your job to help clients piece together the different parts of the event and during the pitch transport the vision you have in your head over to them. A great way to do this is by painting a picture of the event, which will help your audience imagine and immerse themselves in the idea!

Share Your Experience

Stories are fundamental. Not only do they demonstrate your ability as an event organiser, but will help make your idea easier to grasp for the client by relating to previous events you’ve organised!

Have a Discussion

Rather than finishing your presentation with “Do you have any questions?” finish the pitch with a conversation, for example if you would like to ask them for questions, rephrase your question to “what else would you like to know?”.

Here are a variety of ways to start a conversation at the end of a pitch:
-Summarize what you’ve covered
-Ask them a question
-Lay out alternative ideas
-Tell your audience what actions are required next
-Finish with an incentive

Happy planning!