When it comes to planning your wedding, a unique ceremony is a great way to ensure your wedding doesn’t get lost among the rest of wedding season your guests will inevitably be attending. Here are some ways to ensure your ceremony stands out from the crowd.

Unique seating

Instead of having traditional seating for guests, consider utilizing a half circle seating arrangement or even different seating options like vintage benches, or hay bails if it works with your overall wedding decor and theme.

Forever Bouquets

Many brides want to preserve their wedding bouquets which can be tricky when utilizing fresh blooms from a florist or local market. Alternatively, consider using a brooch bouquet which will last forever and can be kept on display long after your wedding day.

Knot-tying Ceremony

Many couples are choosing to implement different symbolic moments into their ceremony, one of them being the knot-tying ceremony. With this particular knot, the fisherman knot, the knot only grows stronger and tighter with pressure, symbolizing the strength of the couple and their bond through time.

Have Bridesmaids Carry Something Untraditional

Flower arrangements may be traditional, but there are a variety of other options for bridesmaids to carry down the aisle as well. One recent thing I saw that I absolutely want to incorporate into my future wedding is carrying puppies for adoption down the aisle or walking rescue dogs down the aisle. Guests can then later meet and foster or adopt the available dogs if they so choose.

Skip the Veil

More and more we’re seeing brides skipping the traditional wedding veil in favor of a hair piece or flower crown. There are some gorgeous, customizable pieces available on Etsy that might have you thinking twice!

Bridal Party Send-Off

Instead of throwing rice as per wedding tradition, consider having guests hold sparklers, release butterflies, or blow bubbles to send the bride and groom off after the wedding ceremony. Not only will this be memorable, it’ll also make for some amazing pictures!

What unique ceremony features have you witnessed at a wedding? Let us know with a comment below!

Happy planning!