If you’re having a 2015 wedding, and are struggling with wedding décor, wedding themes, wedding favors or anything wedding related, fret no more! We are here to help! There are a few things you need to consider when planning your 2015 wedding. Check out our list of 2015 wedding trends to make sure you’re on track!

Country Chic

Ranch and western-inspired decorations and location have been on the rise in the last two years. This trend is perfect for country music fans, small town girls, or anyone who just enjoys the simplicities of the country. Leather accents, hay bales, twine, and burlap are all features to incorporate at your outdoor country chic wedding this year.


Thanks to Pinterest, there is no project to large for the DIY-er! Making your own wedding decorations is an especially great option if you are looking for a low cost wedding. The benefit of DIY décor? You get exactly the right colour and style to match your wedding theme because everything is custom made by you!



Long, flowing hair, flower crowns, simplistic dresses, and minimalistic venues make for the perfect bohemian-themed wedding. Perfect for the nature lover, bohemian weddings are often outdoors, with some locations even being in meadows or wooded areas. The one thing that you’re sure to find at a bohemian-themed wedding? Lots and lots of flowers!

Foodie Installations

You’re sure to capture the audience of Instagram by incorporating different tasting stations for the foodies on your guestlist! Whether you opt for a candy bar instead of a cake, a doughnut station for dessert, a make-your-own Caesar bar, or a craft brew tap, you’re sure to get guests talking and bring them something that they’ve likely never experienced at a wedding!

Instagram Hashtag

With social media being at the fingers of all of your guests, some couples have opted to create a hashtag for guests to use on Instagram and Twitter. For you technologically savvy folk, some weddings even have a live stream of pictures or posts using that hashtags for guests to see! This is a great idea as it allows you to see all of your guests’ photos from your big day in one place.

No Cameras Allowed

It’s not uncommon for the bride and groom to ask guests to leave the cameras at home. Couples spend a great deal of money to pay for professional photographers, and if guests are trying to get the perfect shot or using a camera with flash, chances are they’re going to end up in the way of the professional photographer. Leave the picture-taking at the ceremony to the person getting paid for it, and enjoy yourself! And if guests must take pictures, ask them to take them seated, and to turn off their flash.

Family Style Dining

One of the biggest challenges brides and grooms often face is getting both sides of the family to interact with one another. You may have seen a sign that reads ‘Choose a seat, not a side’ displayed by the ceremony seating, and this is just one of many ways couples will try to break the ice for their attendees. Another way? Family style dining. Instead of having a meal that’s served in courses, or a buffet-style dinner, couples may choose to have family style dining instead, where platters of food are set on each table and guests are required to pass the food around.

Edible Favors

Wedding favors can range anywhere from a sapling to a donation in an attendees name, but one of the biggest trends we’ve seen recently are edible wedding favors! Whether you’re giving your guests a bag of coffee, tea, chocolate, or something a bit more daring like an assortment of hot sauces or spices, your guests are sure to put them to good use so you know they aren’t going to waste!

These are some of our favourite 2015 wedding trends. What are yours?