There are some basic rules that should never be broken when it comes to event planning. Here are some we encourage you to follow, whether you’re an amateur event planner or a seasoned professional:

1. Find a team of professionals you trust and who are experts in what they do. It’s important that you all inspire each other to be your best, share the same vision, and are able to work hard and play hard.

2. Dream big and be a visionary, but also be realistic. Prioritize what can and cannot be achieved in your timeline and budget.

3. It’s important to ask questions until you understand just what your client wants.

4. Understand the limitations of your budget and resources.

5. Location is everything!

6. Be on site as much as you can throughout the planning process. The delivery is in the detail. Don’t be afraid to change something if it’s not working, whether it’s right before the doors open or halfway through a multi-day event.

10. Be organized so you can adapt and find solutions for any surprise circumstance!

What are some event planning rules you tend to follow? Happy planning!