2015 is rapidly coming to a close. Today, we reflect on some of the biggest event trends we saw in 2015 and what we think will stick around for 2016!

1. Content. Feed  guests’ hunger for knowledge and encourage buzz in the digital world by offering content in a variety of attainable ways. Provide educational sessions, workshops, and other avenues to keep guests intrigued and learning throughout your event.

2. Innovative Event Formats. Engagement is one of the most difficult forms of success to measure. By focusing more on attendees and turning them into participants, guests are encouraged to participate in the event and become more knowledgeable about the information being provided.

3. Millennials & Generation Y. A new generation enriches the industry with different expectations and experiences. Gen Y has a firmer grasp of technology, and tend to question the values in a business’ environment. This provides a variety of unique opportunities and challenges for businesses to consider of when planning events that target this generation.

4. Technology Trends. Previously, the importance was to collect data, in 2015, the goal has been to analyze said data. Check out a variety of apps that are there to help aid the professional event planner, here.

5. Social Media & Events. Closely connected with strategic content marketing, social media plays an important role in event marketing success. It can be of great help when it comes to reaching and engaging specific audiences and communicating about event activities and topics throughout the year. Check out this post on how to incorporate social media into your event!

Happy planning!